GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Phyllis tries to get Mike to see Jax and Nina. Nina talks with Jax as he starts to come to. He cannot get the image of Sonny out of his mind. Phyllis walks in and explains that Mike would like to talk with them. Nina rushes into the hallway to talk with him. She asks Sonny why he is there and he joked that she was trying to get rid of him. Nina explains that she didn’t want her PC life to intrude her life in Nixon Falls. She promises to explain things after she convinced Jax to leave. Alexis discovers Valentin has shown up to talk with her. He tells her that he is expecting a child with Brook Lynn. Alexis assumes that Brook Lynn is using ELQ against the child and him. Olivia and Brook Lynn discuss the fact that Maxie needs to hide her child from Peter. Olivia was sure that Maxie was going to do what Olivia did with Leo.

Sam meets up with Dante at the Metro Court to discuss Maxie. Sam thinks that Dante needs to be there for Maxie as she goes through dealing with Peter. Dante just doesn’t feel well enough to be around her and Peter.n Dante asks if there is anything that Alexis needs while she is in jail. Sam explains that Alexis doesn’t want to see her family. Sam gets a call that Alexis wants to see her. Anna tries to convince Peter to give her the vile. Peter reluctantly does so and he spends time with Maxie. Elizabeth and Finn try to figure out how to help Chase as he goes through a seizure./p>
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