GH Short Recap Monday April 26, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Sonny and Lenny discuss the shooting at the barn dance the night before. Sonny is finding it hard to believe that someone would just shoot up a barn part for no reason. He is also shocked that Nina’s ex-boyfriend just showed up out of nowhere. Lenny asks if Sonny is ok with Nina being around him. Sonny thinks that Nina can choose who she wants to be with. Nina sits with Jax in his room at the clinic. He is having trouble waking up but she begs him to do so and he does. He explains that he had sworn he saw Sonny the night before. He has no idea why because he was never a fan of him. PC has been so quiet since Sonny left town. Sonny and Phyllis go to see Jax but Sonny is not sure he wants to go and see Jax.

Maxie turns down a chance to see Peter. Anna shows up to talk with her. She explains to Maxie that she needs to see Peter as Chase’ life depends on it. Maxie thinks that this is getting ridicules. Anna hates that she put Maxie into this. Maxie agrees to see Peter. Brook Lynn tries to get Tracy to help her find a baby to con Valentin with. She hangs up on her. Brook Lynn attempts to call up Ned’s father for help but he is clueless and not understanding what she is saying. Olivia and Dante run in. Olivia admits to Brook Lynn that Maxie has real problems unlike her. Willow attempts to help Chase feel comfortable. Finn attempts to find a cure for Finn and Elizabeth tries to help keep him in high hopes. Chase ends up having a seizure.

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