GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Michael tells Willow that her feelings matter to him. Willow is happy that he matters to her too. They get closer and Sasha walks in. She explains that she had rung the doorbell buteveryone was too busy. The housekeeper let her in. Sasha thinks that if she had been expected that Michael and Willow wouldn’t be so close together. Michael admits that he still has feelings for Willow but he doesn’t know how Willow feels. Sasha admits that she could see Michael look at Willow the way he used to look at her. Michael suggests that they had been waiting for the old normal to return for a while now. Sasha thinks that is why she stopped by. She knew that her and Michael had been honest with each other and she didn’t know how to say goodbye. Brook Lynn sits on her bed and speaks with her mother about the situations going on in the house. She insists that Valentin would make a good father as she pats her pregnancy padding. She realized that it was a quiet house and ends the call. She sees Willow leaving. Willow explains that she is fine.

Valentin is in the middle of sending Brook Lynn a text when Carly wants him to stay focused on getting Jason out of Jail. Valenti appreciates her compassion for his family and wishes she had shown this towards Nina. Carly promised to help Valentin to get Nina back if that is what he wanted. Nikolas and Cyrus have words. Cyrus thought that Nikolas might be there to protect his family.

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