GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Alexis shows up at an empty courtroom with Sam and Diane. they both ask Alexis to change her plea to not guilty. Alexis refuses. Valentin shows up and supports Alexis for her choice. Dante soons appears and pulls Sam aside to check in on whether he can handle today given all he has been through the last few weeks. Laura shows up at Curtis’ new nightclub and she thinks that she is looking forward to opening night because her and Kevin have promised to make up more than a few date nights. Curtis is glad that things are going well for them. She wishes that was the same for other relationships.

Jordan brings Cyrus back to her place and tells him that he can unpack in the guest room. Marcus wants to get back nto working on taking Cyrus down. Anna offers Carly some tea and they discuss Jason being framed and the likelihood that it was Peter who killed Franco. Carly tells Anna that Jason believes they can work together to bring Peter down. Anna asks if she has any information she can use. Carly tells her that Gladys is the one who claims that she saw Jason with the gun. Anna has an idea. Gladys and Brando grab a bite to eat. Brando wonder how she is paying for this. Gladys tells him that Cyrus is paying for the food. Cyrus visits Jason in jailn and tells him he is a fool for not offering him his mother for freedom./p>
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