GH Short Recap Monday, March 29, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Joss, Trina, and Portia all show up at the courthouse. Trina is eager to see her father. Jordan shows up and Trina wonders if Marcus changed his plea. Jordan thinks that Cyrus has changed and is not a threat. Carly visits Jason’s cell and they discuss about Cyruss. She tells him that it was Gladys who is claiming to be a witness. Carly thinks that they need to take Cyrus’ deal. Jason only thinks that will make things worse. They can’t give up Florence. Laura rolls her eyes as Cyrus invites himself to join her and Martin at a table at the Metro Court. Martin thinks that their mother is fine. Martin doesn’t know where she is though. She withdraws her invitation for Easter to Martin. Cyrus shows up at Jason’s cell to see Jason. Jason informs him that Carly is not taking the deal.

Cam shows up at the night club where Curtis and TJ are moving tables. He asks Curtis about social media for the club. They discuss how upset he was the last time he was there and how his social media plans are going for the club. Marcus changes his plea to not guilty. Trina enters during a recess. Her father explaisn taht she convinced him to change his plea. Obrecht and Anna realize that they need to take care of Peter./p>
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