GH Short Recap Monday, March 22, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

TJ helps Curtis set things up at the club when Cam runs in. He explains that they need to get the club up on social media. Curtis informs him that he hasn’t hired any employees yet and Cam definitely didn’t work for him. Cam explains to TJ that Curtis advised Cam to positively channel his anger and grief on how to feel better. Curtis appreciated that Cam wanted to help but was shocked that Cam wasn’t at the courthouse for Marcus’ hearing. TJ is happy that Curtis helped Cam out and he could see that Curtis was less stressed without his private investigation work. Curtis can tell that TJ wanted to talk about something. TJ explains that he needs to get tickets for his graduation. He wondered if he needs separate seats for Curtis and Jordan. Curtis knows that TJ knew that he and Jordan could manage to sit next to one another. At the courthouse, Trina wants to talk with Marcus before the hearing. Portia explains that it was closed. Joss promised to be there to support Trina no matter what. Marcus shows up as Jordan wondered what would happen next. Trina and Portia walk in and explain that the court is in recess. Joss stands at the doorway and watches Trina talk with her father. Cam shows up and wonders why no one told him about this.

Martin blew out a candle on his cake and Cyrus walks over and asks about Martin’s wishes. Cyrus sits down with Martin and Laura. Martin explains that the candles must be defective. Laura stated that Cyrus hadn’t been invited. Carly shows up at Jason’s holding cell and informs him that that the witness would recant their statement if they let Florence go. Jason refused to give up their leverage and take the deal. Carly explains that Cyrus probably paid Gladys to be a witness. Anna tells Obrecht that she thinks that Peter killed Franco. Obrecht thinks that Peter must pay. Elizabeth shows up for work at the hospital when Peter arrives. He is sorry for her loss but she doesn’t want to hear from him. She thinks he is a liar.

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