GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Laura shows up at Elizabeth’s house in order to help her out before the memorial. Scott shows up and is glad to see Laura. Scott knows that Franco used to make fun of his pocket-squares and admits that he couldn’t wear one for the service. Jake tells them that he has his speech ready. Aiden admits that he didn’t know what to say. Elizabeth encourages her youngest son to say it at the memorial. Cam speaks about how Franco saved his life. Elizabeth tells Laura that she hates that the boys have to defend Franco. Joss finds Carly in the kitchen. Joss admits she doesn’t want to hear about Franco’s goodness but she does want to support Cam. Carly gets angry because her coffee isn’t right. She is used to Sonny always making her coffee. She gets angry and throws the cup.

Dante meets with Sam at Kelly’s. He tells her that he had spoken with Alexis and been honest with the testimony that he would give at the trial. Sam explains that there had been a change of plans and Alexis is going to plead guult. They might go easy on Alexis for showing remorse. TJ runs into Curtis at GH and he explains that he is going to open a nightclub. Peter says hello to Nathan in front of his grave. He quickly pulls a gun and aims at the gravestone as someone shows up. Cyrus informs him that there are two guns pointed at Peter if he tries anything. Cyrus thinks the have a common problem in Jason. Nina welcomes Obrecht. She is glad to see her and is happy that she has been exonerated. Obrecht promises that Peter would be unmasked as the true villain./p>
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