GH Short Recap Monday, March 8, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Jason stands in an alley and talks with Spinelli over the phone. Spinelli sits at GH trying to track down Franco. Spinelli recieves some information that Franco was at his art studio. He suggests that Jason find some backup. Cam lets Scott into his house. He has a plan to help Franco. He wants to be able to force Franco to not give up on his family. Cam tells Scott that Franco doesn’t trust himself and would be checking into Shadybrook. Scott thought that he should give Cam a lesson on persuasion. Cam tells him that Franco has acted like it would be his last days and he would never see them again.

Britt runs into Valentin at GH and tells him that she is on her way to check on Maxie. Valentin explains that he is on the outlook for Petoer. Robert finds Spinelli that the worst has come to pass. He is more optimistic as he notes that Maxie is safe and not married. Robert reminds Spinelli that Maxie will need him. Robert sees Jordan and wants to know why Peter is still free. Jordan is livid that he had gone to Mac and Anna for help. Robert explains that Peter had confessed to Valentin. Sam finds Elizabeth and tells her about the train wreck wedding. Elizabeth is shocked. Sam thinks that the truth was probably starting to sink in with Maxie. Anna finds Maxie and tries to tell her that Peter would continue to do bad things. He had killed Drew among other things. Maxie screams and tells her not to say anything. Anna admits that she tried to make other arrangements for Peter before the wedding but Dante had found him first. Jason shows up at the art studio and he doesn’t get an answer from anyone. Elizabeth rushes inside and finds Franco on the floor. She begs him open his eyes. Jason calls 911.

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