GH Short Recap Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Franco leaves Obrecht a message to come visit him before he leaves for Shadybrook in the morning. He ends the call and someone knocks on the door. Elizabeth and Cam are there to see him. He Cam gives him a phone. Elizabeth says that this is the phone that Drew had recorded himself on when he thought he was Drew. Franco thanks them. Franco asks if Cam has thought anymore about California. Cam has made it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Elizabeth’s phone goes off and she has to get into work. Jax tells Carly that Nina is not returning his calls. Carly thinks that Nina is probably with Wiley. She explains that Nina is in a fragile state and she might harm Wiley with thoughts of Nelle being a victim. Jax knows that it was a huge mistake not to tell Nina about Nelle. Michael lets Nina into the Q mansion. She is so happy that Michael is letting her have a relationship with Wiley. Willow shows up and Nina is invited to play with him. Nina explains to Wiley that Nina is his grandmother but not Willow’s mother.

Peter cannot believe that Maxie still wants to marry him. He agrees to request that they do. Obrecht mutters to Valentin that this wedding needs to be stopped because she owes it to Nathan. She storms over to Dante with a pen in hand. Valentin decides that this cannot go on until Maxie knows who Peter really is. Peter demands that Valentin leave. Mac goes towards him but Robert suggests that his brother listen. Peter thought that Valentin cared about him. Maxie knows that Peter was forced to kidnap Drew. Valentin explains that he was a willing participant. He is the one who brought Drew’s plane down. Sam screams at Peter as Dante holds her back. Valentin explains that there is more. Shiloh knew about Peter and he arranged to have Shiloh escape from jail. Which is when Shiloh kidnapped Sam. The night that he was on the pier was not for apartment hunting but for cover up money.

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