GH Short Recap Friday, March 5, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Nina grabs her things to leave as Carly wonders if Willow will be alright. Willow tells Carly that Wiley said that she wasn’t his real mother. Nina explained that she had some more research on how to address sensitive issues with kids and everything said to be honest. Willow tells Wiley that it is past his bedtime. She takes him upstairs with Michael. Nina tells Carlygt that she is sorry that Willow’s feelings are hurt. She is not sorry for telling Wiley how she is related though. She knows that she should have discussed it with Michael and Willow first but she is not going to pretend that Nelle doesn’t exist. Michael tells Nina that Willow is Wiley’s mother. Willow goes back to her house. Michael tells Nina to take a step back from Wiley because he is first priority. Nina protests and promises that she will not mention Nelle again. She could also only see him if one of them are there. Michael promises it won’t be forever but they need to figure out the best way to handle this situation. Chase returns home with Violet and she wonders why there wasn’t a wedding. Chase tells her that everything will be fine the next day. Violet is happy to see Greg and asks him what happened that night. Greg tells her that adults are complicated.

Jackie informs Finn that Chase had taken Violet home for the night. She invites him in and they can talk about Anna. Jackie thinks that Finn and Anna were the real deal. She wonders whether or not he can get past the lies. Finn doesn’t know. Franco watches the video he recorded of himself when he was Drew. He watches Andy talk about how he fought to stay himself but that he was going through the procedure because Franco’s family needed him. Franco realizes that this was Peter. Britt urges Maxie to breath. Maxie thinks the baby is on the way. Robert and Dante hold Peter back.

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