GH Short Recap Thursday, February 18, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Portia wants to talk with Curtis about Jordan. Curtis tells her that they have separated. He doesn’t know his wife anymore and she has kept too many secrets. Portia understands. Curtis thinks he wants to change careers but he has one more job to do. He wants her to go with him. Cyrus goes off on Brando for not finding his mother. He thinks that with Sonny gone he has nothing of use for him and he will be terminated if he doesn’t prove to be useful. Britt tells Jason about the the new drug that Cyrus is going to send to get verified. They are fake results. Jason asks to see the testing. Britt cannot find them though.

Martin and Valentin meet at the Port Charles Grill. Martin thinks they need to find his mother soon. Jackie sits down and says she might have found his mother’s location with Bobbie Spencer in Vermont. Martin wants to go with her. Jackie insists this needs to be done on her own. Phyllis and Lenny find the bar destroyed and Sonny shows up shocked too. The police then show up and blame Sonny. Sonny expect explains that he was helping a drunk back to his room. Phyllis suggests that it isn’t safe for Sonny here anymore. Sonny wants to stay though.

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