GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Franco finds Obrecht at Scott’s apartment. She explains that Scott is out. Franco wanted her to get the voices out of his head. Obrecht is working on it. She explains that Peter has now convinced everyone that Franco is a homicidal lunatic. She wants Franco to access Drew’s memories while he still can. Franco wonders why Dante had saved him. Obrecht guesses that one a cop always a cop. She thinks it might be a good idea if they hypnotize Franco in order to figure out why Peter’s voice and Drew’s memories were in his head. Obrecht explains that Kevin had been a part of Cabot’s experiment and could be useful. She thinks that Anna was probably working with Kevin though. Martin informs Alexis that her bail has been posted. She is free until her court date. Alexis admits she wants a drink. Martin reminds her that drinking is what got her in trouble in the first place. Jordan walks in and thinks that Martin is going to throw Alexis under the bus. Martin acknowledges the plea. Alexis thinks she should face what she has done and plea guilty.

Laura speaks with Olivia on the phone. She learns that Dante will be ok and urges Olivia to get some sleep. Cyrus is standing behind her. laura reminds Cyrus that they are not family. Even if they are related. Cyrus thought she was cold. Laura made it clear that she had no room for warmth where Cyrus was concerned. Cyrus had something for Laura to look at. There is a childhood photo with Gordon and Florence looking happy. Cyrus suggests that Laura borrow the photo. Laura is not interested. She still blames Cyrus for Lulu’s plight. Maxie and Peter sit together and Peter is on the phone. He tells something that his storty was true and the lawyer cannot do anything. Peter tells Maxie he had an obligation to tell the truth. Peter explains that they were to close to the birth to let anything spoil this moment.

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