GH Short Recap Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Olivia realizes that Ned slept with Alexis and calls him out on it. Tracy continues to try to downplay or make it out to be a miscommunication. Both Ned and Olivia tell her to stop. Ned admits to sleeping with Alexis but admits they were both drunk. Sam demands to know why he slept her knowing that she was drunk and a drunk herself. Alexis calls on Finn to help her put two and two together and decides to go and confront Tracy. She realizes that Olivia now knows the truth and wishes to speak with Olivia alone. Sam goes to get the charges dropped.

Dante and Maxie have dinner together. Peter was there but realized that Dante didn’t feel comfortable around him. Maxie tries to get Dante to realize that Peter is a good thing in her life. Dante promises to try and work on that. Jason gives Britt a low-down on everything Peter has done since he has been in his life. Peter later shows up and Britt and him talk alone. She allows him to go through her compuer but then stops him. Franco admits to Elizabeth that he wants Jason to be able to end things if he needs to. Elizabeth goes and confronts Jason on this. Anna and Kevin look into Kirk’s files together and confirm both Dante and Obrecht were patients.

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