GH Short Recap Monday, January 11, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Sasha tries to help Michael and the rest of the Corinthos family through everything while they grieve Sonny. Sam shows up to be there with the rest of them. Carly is left to herself in the kitchen trying to figure out what happened. Tracy walks in to find Olivia sobbing in Ned’s arms and Tracy blames Ned for whatever is going on. Olivia explains that Sonny is dead. Tracy pretends to be sad. Willow decides to go and be with Michael. Olivia decides to go with her. Ned and Tracy are left alone and Ned tells her she needs to be more careful around Olivia. Tracy doesn’t think that Alexis will be a problem for much longer. She will either go to jail or rehab and be out of their way. Olivia and Willow show up at the house. Carly is thankful that they are both there. Jason finds out from Brando that Cyrus knows about Dev and will inform the government if he ends up dead. Jason tells Carly this in private. Carly demands to if Jason has information he needs to tell her going forward.

Molly runs into TJ on her way out the door. She doesn’t want them to pretend this didn’t happen. TJ still loves her. Molly wants them to have their ceremony. TJ thinks that right now isn’t the time. The two end up making love together. TJ later runs into Brando and punches him. Finn cannot stop thinking about Willow and goes to Finn for advice. The two end up talking about Greg and Jackie and Finn ends up going off somewhere. Alexis and Finn try having a moment of clarity but Alexis still doesn’t think she has an issue. Brando and Sasha talk about addiction themselves. Sonny wakes up in a forest and Mike’s spirit helps him wake up and stand up. A man finds him later.

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