GH Short Recap Monday, December 28, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Jordan and Curtis sit in the park together. She explains that it is not Christmas without him. Curtis is short with her and wants to g home. He thinks that they have things to discuss. He wants more honesty in their marriage. Jordan thought they were honest with one another. Curtis explains that Trina is still angry with him because she thinks that he had known that Marcus was alive this entire time. He thinks that Jordan was making choices for both of them. Curtis doesn’t think they have the marriage that he wanted. Jordan insists that they have a good marriage. Molly confesses to TJ that she has something she wants to tell him. She explains that she loves him. TJ doubts that it could be that bad. Molly thinks that she made a mistae and slept with someone else. TJ couldn’t believe that this was possible. Molly says it happened when he had gone away. She recieved texts that were from him. Jordan had told her off and that TJ no longer wanted to be around Molly. Molly explains that her mother and Jordan had been keeping secrets.

Michael and Willow agree that they will spend the night at the Corinthos house. Carly opens the door to find Chase standing in a police uniform. Chase wants to talk about Sonny. Carly invites him in. Terry shows up at Elizabeth’s house and explains that she will be traveling to vist with her parents. She hopes that things have changed with Elizabeth and her own parents. Elizabeth doubts it.

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