GH Short Recap Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Sasha leaves a room at the hospital and finds Brando waiting for her. She demands to kno why he is following her. She tells him that he is done with the drugs. Brando continues to follow her around town. She tells him to get lost or she will scream. She will get the cops. Brando offers to buy her hot chocolate. He explains that it reminds him of Christmas as a kid. At the hospital Laura thanks Kevin for stepping up as Santa. Sam tells Lucas that she spent so much time being mad at Julian that she never thought she would have to identify his body.

Carly and Jason return to Sonny’s house and Jason promised to keep his men in search for Sonny. Carly realizes that Sonny won’t be home for Christmas. Joss and Jax decorate as Michael and Willow play with Wiley. Carly thinks that she had a long day but it was perfect to be home. Michael and Lucas talk together. He knows that it cannot be easy to be distant from Wiley and asks Lucas to be Wiley’suncle again. Lucas olds Wiley. Carly watches from across the room. Trina and Portia walk by Kelly’s and Curtis shows up. Trina gets angry for him not telling her that her father was alive. Curtis explains that he had no idea that he was. Portia is sorry that she had an outburst. Curtis tell Portia that he is angry at Jordan for keeping this from him.

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