GH Short Recap Monday, December 21, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Sonny and Julian both fall into the river. Jason yells for Sonny. Jason rips his jacket off and jumps into the water after the men. Jason brings Sonny up to the surface. A helicopter flies over and Jason hid from the spotlight. Jason watches as they unzip a body bag that is Julian. The officer assumes that Julian had not drowned. He finds Julian’s ID and recognizes him as one of the men who fled the bus station. He wanted to find the other man. Carly leaves a message for Sonny about Marcus. She urged him to get home as soon as possible. Dante tells Carly that Rocc was with the Quartermaine’s. Carly thought that it was the right thing to do. He thinks that he ad Lulu wouldn’t even have their house if it wasn’t for Sonny. He explains that he had seen the bill of sale and that someone had made the difference when they had been outbid. Carly admits that Sonny’s generosity is not a secret. Carly realizes that Dante never met Donna and he is sorry that he had not been by to do so.

Peter meets with Maxie and she explains that the checkup had gone well. She asks if he wants to know the gender. He wonders why they should wait. Valentin sits with Anna and asks about Dante. She assumes that Dante’s treatment had been succesful or the WSB would not have released him. Maxie and Peter show up and explain that they are having a girl. Peter was so happy. Finn opens the door for Chase and Greg. Martin wishes his mother a happy birthday. Florence demanded to know where she was. Cyrus tells Florence that Laura is Gordon’s daughter. Laura tells Cyrus that she cannot ask his moher for something that she did not have to give.

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