GH Short Recap Thursday, November 3, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Ava looks out and remembers her confrontation with Julian the night before. Nikolas shows up and she explains that the just has PTSD from when Julian pushed her over the railing. Nikolas wonders if she is looking for someone or something. Ava thinks that she is just worried about the explosion. She wanted him to have comfort over Lulu. Nikolas feels that Lulu will come out of this. Ava thinks that it is alright to admit that he needs Lulu. Nikolas realizes how much he has come to depend on Lulu for a moral compass. Martin wishes Jordan a speedy recovery and leaves. Curtis realizes that Martin’s last name is Grey. Laura shows up and Curtis says they have a lead. Laura admits she had caused an accidental death. Jordan wonders if Laura knows the name Florence Grey. Laura explains that Florence had been married to her biological father Gordon.

Carly meets with Marcus outside the house and he wonders where Trina was. Carly explains school. Carly tells him that Portia doesn’t want Trina to have a bodyguard. Martin goes into his office and asks Julian why he is there He explains that everyone thinks he is dead. Martin gives him a copy of Nelle’s letter but explains it is useless.

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