GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Chase tells Willow that he lied about having an affair with Sasha. He promises that he only kissed Sasha when he heard Willow opening the front door. She didn’t believe him so he thought it was time to tell the entire truth. Willow wants to know why she should believe this. Chase thinks that it was the only way to ensure that Nelle wouldn’t have gotten custody of Wiley. Willow gets angry with him. Chase thinks that Willow deserves happiness and he only broke up with her because he loved her.

Carly tells Michael that Sasha and Chase lied about having an affair. Michael demands to know why she hid this from him. Michael thinks no one is able to make choices for him as an adult. He sits next to Sasha and remembers how angry he felt with them Nikolas tells Sonny that he had ordered the hit on Ryan so no one would touch Ava again.

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