B&B Best Lines Thursday, November 5, 2020

Paris on B&B Nov. 2020


Zoe: So Zende overheard the whole thing?

Paris: Oh, he definitely heard me going on and on about him to Donna. What a first impression, right? I mean, he just meets me, and he already knows I’m crushing. [ Sighs ] But who wouldn’t? You know. I’m sure he has billions of people falling madly in love with him. And to his credit, he did handle it like quite the gentleman.

Zoe: Hmm. Doesn’t surprise me.

Paris: He even said I was something else myself. [ Giggles ] Okay, but I’m not looking too deep into it. I’m sure he was just being polite, but, you know, we would have cute babies together.



Zoe on B&B Nov. 2020

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