GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Portia walks down the stairs at GH. Cyrus sees her and asks how Trina is doing. Portia replies that it is none of his business. Cyrus explains that Marcus wrongly put him in jail. Elizabeth and Franco show up at work. Elizabeth thanks him for coming in with her. He needs to check on his art therapy room. They find Cyrus and Portia talking. TJ runs into Jordan. He explains that he wants her help. He needs to get involved in a peaceful permit. Jordan admits she is the one who denied the permit. She had denied it for the greater good.

Julian makes several tries at reaching Ava. Peter walks in and explains that he has gotten the call from hell. Valentin is confused. Valentin knows that Helena is dead. Peter couldn’t have gotten a message from her. He told him not to meet with Helena. Anna screams for help in her basement. Alex shows up and calls her a bitch. She thinks that she did shoddy work. Alex thinks she has been playing mother to her son. Sonny confirms a call from Marcus. he tells him to make sure he didn’t leave. Ava asks Sonny something about Ryan. Sonny explains that Ryan wanted to see him. Ava thinks nothing good can come from that.

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