GH Short Recap Friday, October 30, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

On Halloween in PC Jason finds Sonny at the gym. Jason tells him about Sasha’s drug use and her dinner with Cyrus. Jason tinks that the large number of OD cases at GH are thanks to Cyrus. Jason wonders waht Cyrus is doing to get the drugs into PC> Sonny thinks that his cousin needs to continue to work with Cyrus in order to find out. Julian stops a man who tries to get Trina’s phone. It is Marcus. Julian remembers him from the night at the pier. Marcus runs out.

Ava shows up to visit Ryan. They look at one another. Ava explains that Nikolas and her have divorced. Ryan thinks that he wants proof. Ava shows him the paperwork. Elizabeth informs Nikolas that her and Franco have been getting played like Helena used to. Nikolas wonders about the check. Elizabeth cannot cash it. Franco finds out his diagnosis. Helena calls Peter on the phone to discuss Drew. It is actually Sam.

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