B&B Short Recap Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Mark

Ridge is thrilled to see Steffy back at work. He fills her in about him and Brooke. Steffy is happy for him but Ridge thinks that Thomas might not be. Ridge says that he’s glad to see her happy. Liam and Hope stop by as Ridge leaves. Hope tells Steffy that she looks really good and could it have something to do with a certain doctor. Hope also tells her that she has talked to Liam about letting Steffy move on with her life. Steffy jokes that Finn and her are eloping. Hopes plays along as Liam realizes its a joke. They laugh. Liam still doesn’t trust Thomas.

Hope doll tells Thomas that it is him and not Liam that she wants. Thomas and Finn talk. He thanks the good doctor for taking great care of his sister. Thomas rants about Liam to Finn. Finn seems to think that Liam and Hope are happy together but Thomas feels otherwise. Thomas says that Liam waffles constantly between both his sister and Hope. Thomas doesn’t trust Liam and tells Finn to not trust him either.

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