GH Short Recap Friday, October 23, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Cam is cleaning tables outside of Kelly’s. Trina hasn’t heard from him in a while. He says he is sorry. His new job is keeping him busy. He als thought about reading Joss’ fake journal and their kiss. Se was thankful for friend’s that could help her. Cam continued to feel like a jerk about blaming himself. Trina pulls away and says that they were only supposed to be friends. Cam asks her opinion on him and Joss. Dev asks Joss where she is going. She thinks they need to clarify where they stood. Dev thinks that the lack of communication after the kiss means something.

Julian sees a postcard from Ryan asking for Sonny’s mailing address. He tries to leave Ava a message to get back with him. Sam shows up and needs his help because Alexis has gone off the wagon. Molly calls to discuss Alexis herself. Jax runs into Jordan and Curtis He tells them that Nina had hired him to find her child. Curtis wants to make sure that he is not manipulating Nina. Jax promises he is not. Alexis sits down at the Metro Court and orders vodka. Britt sits down and gets a glass of wine. Britt tells Alexis she didn’t know the relationship with Neil was supposed to be secret.

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