B&B Short Recap Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge is getting ready to leave for the office. He and Quinn catch up on Steffy getting checked into rehab and being under Dr. Finnegan’s care. Quinn changes the conversation to Ridge and Shauna and asks if he’s given anymore thought to having another wedding to make up for Ridge not remembering getting married in Vegas. Quinn presses Ridge and then before he can object, she quickly gets Shauna on the phone to talk about planning the wedding. Shauna is hesitant, but Ridge thinks that maybe Quinn is right and he owes it to Shauna. Ridge leaves for the office and Quinn continues her conversation with Shauna about sticking it to Brooke. Shauna is having guilt pangs, but Quinn tells her if she doesn’t want to take the chance of Brooke finding out about their secret, she needs to marry Ridge tomorrow!

At Forrester Creations in the CEO’S office, Zoe comes in to drop off some designs for Steffy’s review, interrupting Brooke and Donna talking about Steffy. They fill in Zoe on Steffy being in rehab and then the conversation turns to the current state of Brooke’s relationship with Ridge and his being married to Shauna. Zoe is sympathetic. They talk about Zoe’s tarnished history with the family and agree to move past it, then circle back to Ridge’s marriage to Shauna. Brooke believes that Quinn has been in Shauna’s ear and she knows that Quinn would do anything to destroy her. Donna leaves Zoe and Brooke alone and they talk about Zoe’s love life. Zoe hopes to one day find true love, like Brooke and Ridge – something that endures all obstacles. Later, Brooke is alone and Ridge arrives. She tells him she respects him for getting help for Steffy and his fierce love for his family is one of the many reasons why she will always love him. Ridge appreciates her concern, but then he breaks the news about committing to a second wedding ceremony to Shauna.

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