B&B Short Recap Friday, September 25, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Brooke’s house, Steffy is in a drug-induced rage, demanding that Liam and Hope give Kelly back to her. Hope tells Steffy that until she gets the help she needs, Kelly’s staying with her and Liam. Just as Steffy’s about to force her way past Hope, Ridge arrives. Ridge wants to know what’s going on and Steffy pleads with him to help her. Brooke tells him there’s more going on than he realizes. Liam tries describing to Ridge what he walked in on when he found Steffy passed out on the couch. Steffy keeps interrupting and tries to downplay what happened. Liam finally tells Ridge that she’s been abusing pain pills and it’s endangering their daughter. At first, Ridge can’t believe that Steffy’s taking the pills because she told him she wouldn’t – and she wouldn’t lie to him. Liam reveals that he found a whole bottle of pills and Steffy admitted they were hers and she’s been taking them. Liam thought the doctor was the problem, but he doesn’t even know about the pills. Ridge wants to know where she got them, but she won’t say. Ridge begs her to tell him what’s going on. She sobs that no one understands what it’s like for her, then she goes into a tirade about the Logans. Ridge tells her it’s all going to be okay – there’s nothing wrong with her, it’s the pills – he’s going to get her some help. But she doesn’t want his pity. She says she’s done with this and she wants her little girl now – then she pulls out a switchblade. Everyone tries to reason with her to put the knife down. Finally, Ridge gets her to drop it. She tells him she’ll never forgive him or any of them, then she leaves. Ridge follows behind her, telling the rest of them to take care of his granddaughter and he’ll take care of Steffy.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes back to Steffy’s frenzy looking for her keys so she can chase after Liam, whom she claims had just stolen her child. Zoe walks in to get a gown that Ridge had been working on, then says she can come back later. Thomas asks her to stay because there’s something he wants to tell her. He wants to apologize to her – what he did to her was horrible, selfish, and cruel, and she didn’t deserve it – he really did care about her. Zoe is sure that they can keep their relationship professional and thinks it’s best to just keep everything behind them. Thomas continues – it wasn’t all a scam – he wouldn’t have proposed to her if he didn’t have feelings for her. She tells him he’s apologized enough; she appreciates his honesty and remorse – but before she can say any more, he starts talking about Steffy and sharing what she’s been going through. Zoe observes that if Liam took Steffy’s daughter away it had to be for some good reason. Thomas admits that Steffy was out of control and he’s trying to figure out why, so he told his father, who went to Liam and Hope’s to see what he could find out. Zoe empathizes with Thomas and assures him that everything will work out.

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