B&B Short Recap Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Brooke’s house, Steffy is demanding that Liam and Hope give Kelly back to her. Hope offers Steffy to spend the night with them, where they can all be together, and Brooke offers her a room at her house if there’s not enough room at the cabin. Steffy says she’ll be staying at her house tonight and so will her daughter. Liam tells her Kelly will go home with her when Steffy’s ready, but not now. Steffy accuses Hope of being on a mission to take her daughter away from her. Steffy freaks out when she realizes Kelly isn’t in the house, and then Hope gets a message from Donna letting her know they’ve returned from getting ice cream, which momentarily calms her down. Liam and Hope try to reassure Steffy that they’re not trying to take Kelly away from her, they just want to give her time to recover and kick the pain medication. Liam suggests that they all go down to the cabin and have a nice visit. This upsets Steffy because she thinks he’s treating it like a court-ordered supervised visit. They all try to reason with her, but she starts lashing out at them, exclaiming that she’s not an addict. Liam tells her he’s doing his job as Kelly’s father protecting her, and he’s going to continue doing that, and Kelly’s going to stay with him and Hope until Steffy has gotten the help that she needs to get off of the pain pills. Steffy sobs, how can she be expected to get better without being able to be with her daughter? Brooke is empathetic and tries relating that she knows how scary it is to realize she has a problem, but Steffy is dismissive, telling Brooke that just because Brooke’s got a problem with alcohol not to go inventing addictions for everyone else. Liam tries to get Steffy to realize she has a serious problem by pointing out what could have happened if he wouldn’t have been there to wake her and Kelly needed her. At first, it appears that Liam hit a nerve, but then Steffy reacts by blasting them all, saying it’s always been about the Logans taking from the Forresters, and then she goes on a tirade about Hope taking “Phoebe” away from her, and then manipulating Douglas into forgetting all about his mother, and then she accuses Hope of attempting to replace Thomas – she’s got Liam and two beautiful children – it’s just like when Brooke took her father away from her mother. She cries that she wishes her mother were there. Brooke says she does too because they could use all the help they can get with her. Steffy goes to get Kelly but Hope blocks the door. Hope recalls how Steffy had taken such wonderful care of Beth before and now she’s going to return the favor; Kelly will stay with them until Steffy gets the help she needs.

At the cliff house, Ridge has rushed over to meet with Thomas who explains that Steffy is on her way to Liam and Hope’s. Thomas says he’s not sure what’s going on, he just knows that Steffy’s not acting like herself and she said Liam was making accusations against her and that he kidnapped Kelly. Ridge wonders if it’s just a big misunderstanding because, they both agree, that that doesn’t sound like something Liam would do. Thomas said Steffy was panicked and acting paranoid, like she was in pain, and he recalls the scene he witnessed when he arrived. He’s concerned that if she goes to Liam and Hope like that, it’s going to get worse. Ridge wants to help Steffy, but he doesn’t know what to do. He calls Brooke and leaves her a message saying he knows Steffy’s on her way over and he’s worried about her. After waiting for a while without a response from Brooke, Ridge decides to go over to her house and check on the situation. He tells Thomas to wait at Steffy’s in case she comes home.

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