B&B Short Recap Friday, September 18, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn discuss how their kiss caught them both pleasantly by surprise. She would like to continue seeing him professionally if he’s okay with that. He just wants to make sure she understands why he can’t prescribe another refill and she tells him the only thing she’ll be asking him for is another kiss. She tells him she doesn’t need any more pills, then flashes to the “gift” of pills Vinny gave her and her hiding them when Finn arrived. Hope walks in and is surprised to see Finn there. Hope is bringing back Kelly. She asks how Steffy’s been doing and as Steffy talks about feeling better and optimistic she’s glancing over at Finn, which does not go unnoticed by Hope. Hope is figuring out that something’s going on between Steffy and Finn and before she leaves suggests that if Steffy needs any “alone” time, Kelly’s welcome to stay with her for as long as she wants. Steffy appreciates the offer but says she’s happy to have Kelly back home. Meanwhile, at Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt are bickering while reviewing a contract. Liam’s agitated because he’s worried about Steffy. He’s concerned that Finn’s interest in her is more than professional. Wyatt cautions Liam about walking into a minefield while he’s trying to get answers – he wants to make sure it’s not jealousy, as Ridge and Thomas believe it is – then he realizes Liam’s feeling guilt pangs for having to choose between Hope and Steffy. Hope walks in to give them an update on her visit with Steffy. She shares that Steffy appears to be in a good mood, not just because Kelly’s back home, but also because she thinks there’s a new man in her life. After Wyatt leaves for a meeting, Hope and Liam continue their conversation about the “new man” in Steffy’s life. They agree that something’s definitely going on between her and her doctor. Hope thinks it’s good thing because she’s finally moving on, but Liam’s concerned that because it’s her doctor it could cause problems, especially while Steffy’s still recovering. Hope reasons that he’s not going to be her doctor forever and they should be happy for her. Later, Liam has left for Steffy’s, and Wyatt returns from his meeting to find Hope still in the office. They talk about Liam’s concern about Steffy’s relationship with her doctor, and Hope says that while she understands where Liam’s coming from, she just wants to focus on the positive side that Steffy’s moving on.

After Hope leaves the cliff house, Finn apologizes to Steffy if his being there made things awkward for her. They talk about her recovery and Finn tells her she needs to be patient with herself, as some injuries take longer to heal than others. He’s there to help her in any way he can. Next, Thomas walks in and is surprised to see Finn making another house call, then he picks up on how Steffy and Finn are smiling at each other. He asks how Steffy’s doing and Finn says he believes Steffy’s going to make a full recovery. After Finn leaves, Thomas tells Steffy he had come by to find his wallet, then he asks if Finn comes by a lot for house calls. Steffy doesn’t want to get into any discussion about her relationship right now but, smiling coyly, admits that Finn has taken an interest in her. As Thomas is leaving, he tells her he’s happy she’s doing so well, but gives her a hard time about keeping the big photo of her and Liam on the wall as a constant reminder of her past. After looking in on Kelly, Steffy grimaces in pain and decides to take one of the pills Vinny gave her. A little later, Liam arrives. He knocks on the door but there’s no answer. He lets himself in and finds an unconscious Steffy lying on the couch.

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