B&B Short Recap Friday, September 11, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Forrester Creations, in the designers’ office, Ridge is fuming about Bill barging in when he and Brooke were trying to reconcile. Eric wants to know how Brooke reacted, and Ridge says he doesn’t know because he didn’t stick around to find out. Eric understands how Ridge feels about Bill and tells him Brooke understands too. Eric urges Ridge not to let his hatred for Bill break his family apart. Eric tries reasoning with Ridge – if Brooke wanted to be with Bill she could be, and since Ridge is married to Shauna, there’s nothing keeping Brooke from moving on with her life. He tells him that he can see that Ridge loves Brooke, and he hates that Quinn can’t see it, too. Meanwhile, over at the Forrester mansion, Quinn is on a video call with Shauna, telling her Brooke needs to be dealt with, and they need to send Brooke a message she can’t ignore – a wedding. Shauna doesn’t see how another wedding is going to get Brooke out of the picture, but Quinn explains that if they have a wedding in front of all of their friends and family, it will send a direct message to Brooke that Ridge is no longer hers. Quinn knows Shauna regrets how things went down in Vegas and they recap their misdeed, but they made that marriage happen so they need to protect it – Shauna needs to tell Ridge that she wants the wedding; they’ll invite Brooke and give her a front-row seat. Ridge walks in just as Quinn ends the call with Shauna. Quinn shares that Shauna has a proposition for him and then she proceeds to tell him about the wedding plans. She asks if he would give Shauna this gift – another wedding so the whole world can see Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

At Spencer Publications, Bill walks into his office and barks at Wyatt to get out of his chair. Wyatt says he was looking for something that Justin had left on the desk and Bill growls “My desk. My office. My world.” Wyatt is taken aback and asks what Bill’s problem is. Wyatt’s mother is his problem, Bill yells. Bill regrets answering his phone when Quinn called and dragged him into her plan to hurt Brooke. Bill explains that Quinn made it sound like Brooke was in trouble when she wasn’t; Quinn wasn’t just interfering in Brooke’s life, but his, too, and he will not let Quinn mess with his family. Wyatt suggests that Bill has to stop running to Brooke’s rescue if he doesn’t want to lose Katie. Bill confides that he’s confused about Brooke and Katie. He loves both women, but Katie has had the most positive and profound impact on him. Now over at Forrester Creations (in the CEO’s office), Donna and Brooke are getting ready to eat lunch, but Brooke is too upset to eat. Brooke tells her just when she felt like she was really getting through to Ridge, Quinn showed up and destroyed everything. Katie arrives and she and Brooke are both surprised to see each other. They realize Donna has set them up. Donna wants them to face each other and work through their issues. Brooke apologizes to Katie and Katie admits that if she didn’t believe her she would’ve left already. Brooke tells Katie that Bill loves her and if she can’t forgive her sister, at least give Bill another chance – for her son’s sake. Katie knows how drawn Bill is to Brooke, though, but Brooke tells her the only man she’ll ever love is Ridge. Katie says she believes Brooke and Ridge will eventually find their way back to each other because they always do. Brooke shares that they almost had a breakthrough today if it hadn’t been for Quinn’s interference. She reveals that when Bill showed up Ridge left and she could tell that Quinn was loving it. Brooke knows Quinn will do everything she can to keep her away from Ridge.

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