GH Short Recap Friday, September 11, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Ava and Franco continue to kiss as someone takes a picture of them doing so. They stop kissing and realize that they shouldn’t be doing this. Ava thinks that he is right. Franco realizes that they are both married. Ava admits that she missed when they used to be close. Franco wonders if Ava has any feelings for Nikolas. Ava claims to hate Nikolas with a passion. Nikolas and Elizabeth stop kissing. Elizabeth tells him that she couldn’t do this anymore because of Franco. Nikolas thinks that she deserves better. He assumed she was looking for a way out. Elizabeth loves her husband she claims. She admits that the kiss was a mistake and is sorry if the kiss gave him the wrong idea. He thinks that at least her and Franco are in love unlike him and Ava.

Cam and Dev sit in the park and chat. Cam admits that he cannot choose between Trina and Joss. Dev thinks that both girls are nice. Dev thinks that he has to make up his mind. Cam points out that Dev never talks about being into anyone. Dev tells him to stay focused and leaves. Trina visits Portia at work. She tells her that she is going to the dance with Cam and Joss. Brit is announced as the new head doctor at GH. She promises to not be like her mother.

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