GH Short Recap Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Nikolas shows up at the park where Elizabeth is. He wonders what is wrong with her. She explains to him that his screwed up fake marriage is ruining her real one. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she shouldn’t have trusted Ava and Franco. She thought that her and Franco loved one another and realizes that Franco was insecure about their friendship. Elizabeth admits that she forgave Nikolas. They have too deep of a bond for them not to be friends forever. She wasn’t going to let Franco pick her friends for her. The two ends up kissing as someone takes pictures of them. Franco asks Ava at her gallery if it is ok that the portrait will be tricky to restore. Franco suggests that he could start over and make the portrait more casual. He wouldn’t know how to capture her energy though. He then realizes that he cannot do that with Elizabeth. He loves that Ava supports him though. The two kiss and someone takes a picture of them.

Robert thanks Olivia for the company after Holly’s memorial service. He explains that he didn’t feel that it was appropriate to have a memorial with no body found. Olivia advised that the memorial was for the living. Robert thinks that Holly was one kind of woman. Robert ends up getting a phone call and he thinks it sounds like Holly. Jax and Nina show up at a jeweler’s house and are given a receipt for a divided heart. The name of the other buyer was a Phyllis Caulfield.

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