GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Carly suggests to Bobbie that she sue the hospital for wrongful termination. Bobbie really doesn’t want the hospital to have another lawsuit though. Bobbie reminds her that Cyrus was the one who fired her. Carly notes that he had help as she looks at Valentin who walks in. Valentin goes and sits with Martin. They discuss Nelle. Carly screams that Valentin is worse than Stefan. Brick shows up. Carly thanks Brick of helping adapt their home for Mike during his nights there. Valentin explains to Martin that Julian wanted to stop something involving Nelle.

Alexis tells Julian that she had no idea that Neil had been a drug addict. Julian doesn’t think that there is any way that she could have known that he was an addict. Sam tells Jason that she blames herself for Bobbie and Monica getting fired. She knows that it is because of the shares from Danny and Scout that ELQ couldn’t save the hospital. Jordan demands to know why Cyrus killed Neil. Cyrus doesn’t know who he is. Jordan doubts he is telling the truth.

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