B&B Short Recap Friday, September 4, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Spencer Publications, the business meeting continues with Bill, Wyatt, Liam, and Justin. Bill is having second thoughts about the deal and is getting annoyed with Liam, who seems to be distracted. Liam shares that Hope was supposed to drop Kelly off at Steffy’s today and he hasn’t heard from either of them yet. Wyatt wonders if there’s a reason to think there might be a problem. They all agree that they’re concerned about Steffy. Liam says that he and Hope have been watching Kelly so Steffy has a chance to heal, but now he’s starting to think that maybe being with her daughter is the best medicine for Steffy right now. Bill wonders if it was a bad idea to have Hope drop off Kelly instead of him; with Steffy losing Liam to Hope and now Kelly’s spending all of this time with them, it’s going to create some tension. But Liam contends that both women want what’s best for the kids and for Steffy to recover with as little tension as possible. But Bill isn’t convinced that Steffy would have no problem with Hope dropping off Kelly instead of him. After discussing Steffy’s physical and emotional states, both men surmise that there is probably more going on with Steffy than they realize. Liam’s concerned about Steffy being on her own right now, but Bill suggests that maybe it’s what she needs to get better. Liam just doesn’t want her to feel like she has to go through any of it on her own.

Meanwhile, at the cliff house, Steffy frets to Hope that Kelly’s been with her and Liam for days and she was really excited that she was going to see her daughter this morning. Hope tries to reassure Steffy that she and Liam were just trying to help her out. Steffy and Hope extend apologies to each other – Steffy for unloading on Hope and Hope for not letting Steffy know what was going on. Hope offers to go get Kelly now if that’s what Steffy wants; she was just hoping for a chance to talk first. Hope is empathetic to Steffy’s frustration, but she’s concerned that because of the way Steffy had reacted to her that it might be a little more than just frustration. She asks Steffy if she’s really all right. Just as their conversation is about to turn again, Finn comes in. He heard some raised voices and wants to know if everything’s okay. When Finn introduces himself to Hope, she realizes he was Steffy’s doctor at the hospital. Hope thinks it’s very kind of him to check on Steffy, although Steffy tells him it’s not necessary, and that she’s doing just fine. But, Hope asserts that Steffy hasn’t been herself and she and Liam are worried about her, and they’ve been giving her space so that she can recover and heal, although that’s not exactly what she’s seeing. She tells Steffy she thinks it’s important for her doctor to know what’s really going on. Steffy gets defensive and tells Hope that if there’s something her doctor needs to know, she’ll tell him privately. Hope excuses herself and apologizes for overstepping. She wants the doctor to know that Steffy is an important part of their family and they want her to be okay. She tells Steffy she’ll be back soon with Kelly. Steffy confides in Finn and tells him about her complicated history and relationship with Hope and Liam. She admits she had trouble sleeping last night and thinks that the pain has her a little on edge; she took her last pain pill last night, so it’s great that he’s there so he could maybe help her get another refill. Finn suspects she may be becoming dependent on the medication. He doesn’t want to see her go down that slippery slope and is committed to helping her heal.

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