GH Short Recap Friday, September 4, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Finn helped Alexis try to deal with the fact that she found Neil dead. Finn decides that they need to have an AA meeting together just the two of them. Alexis admits that she wanted to go forward with Neil but then he died in her bed. Molly finds TJ and tells him that they are going for dinner at the Floating Rib. TJ admits that he and Brando have been spending time together. Molly suggests that TJ need to be careful with the people he befriends.

Portia checks up on Trina on the phone. Cyrus has his associates go after Brando. Jason and Sam end up finding him. Sam thinks they need to take Brando to the hospital. Anna has drinks with Maxie and Peter and they look at the baby picture. Valentin then shows up and Anna tells him that they need to go after Alex together. Spinelli finds proof on Peter.

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