B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Recap by Lori

Quinn and Bill are in his office at Spencer Publications, wrapping up their conversation about Quinn witnessing Ridge taking Shauna up to his bedroom; she’s certain Ridge and Shauna are consummating their marriage. But, Bill is doubtful because Brooke had told him that Ridge going to Shauna to give her the annulment papers. Quinn mentions how distraught Ridge looked when he came in, and Bill suggests that perhaps Ridge had overhead his tête-à-tête with Brooke. Although Bill dismisses that Ridge actually heard anything – because, according to Brooke, Ridge wasn’t there – Quinn determines it could be the only explanation for why Ridge would have been upset. As they’re speculating what Ridge may have seen or heard, Katie walks in. Quinn wastes no time excusing herself so they can be alone. Bill tells Katie he’s happy to see her, as he’s been trying to get in touch with her and she hasn’t been responding, but Katie lets him know that she heard Quinn say that Bill told Brooke that he loves her and had poured his heart out to her. “So the kiss in the cabin wasn’t enough, huh?” Bill justifies that Katie’s not responding to his texts and phone calls made him think she hasn’t wanted to work things out. Katie says it was because he wasn’t ready and needed time to figure out what she wanted for her and for their son, which was why she’s at this office now, to see if they could move forward. Bill tells her he’s missed her, but Katie’s not buying it – the problem is, she explains, that he doesn’t want her, he wants her sister. Bill doesn’t deny that he told Brooke he loves her, but it was spur of the moment, and there’s no excuse. Katie sadly tells him that she wanted so badly to try and give them another chance, but she can’t do it; she can’t let him break her heart again.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke has walked into Ridge’s bedroom, finding Shauna lying on the bed and Ridge coming out of the bathroom. Brooke wants to know what Shauna’s doing there – and what is she doing on his bed? Ridge tells Shauna he needs to speak to Brooke alone and asks if she’d mind leaving the room. Brooke doesn’t understand what’s going on and begs Ridge to tell her that Shauna’s being in his bedroom wasn’t what it appeared to be, as he was supposed to be delivering the annulment papers. Ridge tells her he thought she no longer had feelings for Bill. She says she doesn’t, but he doesn’t believe it – he discloses that he heard their conversation. Brooke is puzzled; she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Ridge gives her a recap and reveals that’s when he heard Bill downstairs. He heard Bill tell Brooke he loves her, and she’ll always be the one for him. Brooke admits that Bill said that, but she’s not responsible for Bill’s feelings. She’s confused and doesn’t know what Ridge is getting at because she told Bill that she and Ridge were looking forward to a future together, that they were recommitting themselves to each other – which doesn’t explain why Shauna was in his bed. Ridge wants to know how Brooke could have told Bill that she would always love him, and she clarifies that it was just an expression and that her feelings are different than the deep love she feels for Ridge. She’s sorry that he felt that he had to turn to Shauna and that he was hurt about she said to Bill, but they can’t let Shauna and Bill keep coming between them – they have to fight for their relationship. Meanwhile, Quinn has returned home and finds Shauna alone in the living room. Quinn wants to know why she’s sitting there alone and not with Ridge. Shauna tells her he’s with Brooke and gives her a rundown of what Brooke walked in on. While Quinn is pretty happy with the chain of events, Shauna feels bad for Ridge; this can’t be easy on him.

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