GH Short Recap Wednesday August 26, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Nelle goes on her way when the lady that helped her realizes that Nelle is the kidnapper in an amber alert. The woman calls up the PCPD and Chase goes to check on the situation. Chase and her discuss where Nelle could have possibly gone. Michael gets access to Nelle’s phone and attempts to find the password. He manages to speak with Brook Lynn and she remembers something about a GPS device. She says it out loud very weakly. Michael remembers that Nelle thinks her new birthday started on the day she lost her kidney. Michael cracks the code and leaves. Nelle manages to find a safe house or something and realizes she took the tracking device with her. She starts freaking out.

Sasha goes to the PCPD to tell Michael that she is sorry. Carly thanks her for coming even if no one knows what she did. Nina tries to comfort Willow. Jax shows up. They try to point out that Nelle might not have done anything to Brook Lynn. Olivia later calls and confirms that Nelle actually did. Jason has Epiphany look into Marcus. Jason tells Sonny where he is. Carly thinks that Sonny should go help him out. They both discover Marcus awake. They demand to know how he is alive.

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