GH Short Recap Monday, August 24, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Sam and Jason discuss the Nurses Ball together in the hospital. Jason discovers that it was the part that he had replaced on his bike that caused the accident. Jason tells Sam that he has no reason to think that Brando is responsible for it at this time. Sam is still not buying that Brando is all that innocent. Sonny and Carly get a call from Michael. Nelle has kidnapped Wiley. Carly informs Jax and Nina of this information. Nina thinks this is her fault for believing that Nelle could be a changed person. Jax tried to get her to stop blaming herself.

Julian holds a gun on Nelle. He is sick of being her slave because she is crazy. Nelle reminds him that if anything happens to her then she has a letter that will be sent to Sonny informing him of his involvement of things with Wiley. Marcus sneaks up from behind and pushes Julian down. Nelle manages to escape with Wiley. Ned and Olivia wait for information on Brook Lynn. Portia explains that she came in hardly alive. She is stable though. Ned starts to sob. Chase is out on Nelle’s case.

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