B&B Short Recap Friday, August 21, 2020

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Recap by Lori

At Brooke’s house, Ridge and Brooke are joyously celebrating their reconciliation, and now all Ridge has to do is annul his marriage to Shauna. Ridge is still trying to figure out what happened in Vegas, how he could’ve gotten so drunk that he divorced Brooke and married Shauna. Brooke knows he made a mistake and tells him she’s sure it will never happen again. Ridge tells Brooke he’s going to go see Shauna, end their marriage, and tell her that his future and life is with Brooke. Brooke questions if Shauna will sign the papers and Ridge responds that she’s not like Bill, which initiates an argument and ranting from Ridge, rehashing their history with Bill bouncing back and forth between Brooke and Steffy. He’s concerned that there are some lingering feelings between Brooke and Bill, but she assures him that’s in the past and that she only loves Ridge. Ridge realizes he should be thanking Brooke for forgiving him and tells her he will be the greatest husband to her. He’s going to go talk to Shauna, turn her life upside down, and then return home to Brooke. Brooke apologizes again for her kiss with Bill and reassures Ridge that there are no lingering feelings. Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Shauna tells Quinn about delivering the news to becoming the new “Mrs. Ridge Forrester” to her daughter. Shauna wishes she could be more excited, but she wants Ridge to be as happy as she is. Just as they’ve finished recapping their scheme to legalize Ridge’s divorce from Brooke, Eric walks in. Quinn asks how long he’s been standing there, and he says long enough to hear her tell Shauna to embrace her new status as Ridge’s wife. Eric doesn’t think it’s good advice. He tells the women that Shauna’s marriage to Ridge really threw him and that Ridge has never given up on Brooke, which is why he finds it so odd that Ridge filed divorce papers while he was in Vegas. Although he doesn’t want to hurt Shauna, he informs her that Ridge and Brooke will never be finished and Ridge is now over at Brooke’s begging her forgiveness; no matter how many times they’ve broken up and married other people, they always find their way back to each other. Eric leaves, and Quinn hatches another plan – this time she’s bringing in another person who she knows can throw a wrench into Brooke and Ridge’s reunion.

Over at Bill’s Office, Liam has brought Kelly by to visit with Bill. Bill is thinking about Steffy and how terrible he feels about their accident. As they’re discussing the pain Steffy’s been experiencing, she calls Liam. She asks if Liam’s on his way home with Kelly and if he wouldn’t mind staying with their daughter while she runs an errand. Bill thinks it’s terrific that Liam has picked up the slack in taking care of Kelly while Steffy’s recovering. As Liam walks out, Justin walks in. He asks Bill how things are going with Katie. Bill says they’re civil but he can sense that whenever he’s there to see Will, she’s just waiting for him to leave. Justin then turns the discussion to Brooke and informs Bill that their marriage is over, and just as he’s about to fill Bill in on the details, Quinn walks in, ready to pick up where Justin left off. Quinn gleefully announces that Ridge married Shauna. Bill doesn’t believe it, but Justin tells him it’s true and Ridge had filed the divorce papers while they were in Vegas. Quinn thinks that maybe Brooke would be convinced that Ridge isn’t worthy of her if someone like Bill pointed it out to her. Bill knows Quinn has a hidden agenda and tells her to just spit it out. Quinn thinks that Brooke always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to trying to undermine Quinn’s marriage to Eric. She asserts that her best friend is the better option for Ridge. Bill reminds her that her shady friend Shauna is the one who secretly recorded his kiss with Brooke and Quinn broadcasted to Katie and the rest of the Forresters. Quinn shrugs that they were just collateral damage and her point was to show Ridge what Brooke was up to – Bill should be thanking her because, their kiss set all of these events into motion, which now makes Brooke available for Bill, who then looks back on the romantic memories he shared with Brooke. Quinn tries to urge and convince Bill that Brooke is the love of his life and he needs to go to her, tell her he loves her, and reclaim what should have been his all along. At the cliff house, after Steffy ends her call with Liam, she experiences an intense twinge of pain. She calls the pharmacy to see if her prescription’s ready. Liam puts Kelly down for a nap and Steffy gets ready to go to the pharmacy. Liam tells her if she’s in that much pain, he’ll go for her, then he leaves. Liam returns with Steffy’s pain pills. Steffy appreciates how Liam’s been so hands-on helping out with Kelly. When Liam asks what her doctor says about her pain, Steffy says he wants her on over-the-counter medication, but it’s not strong enough. Liam’s surprised to learn that her doctor would refill her prescription so quickly. He tells her to be careful and follow the instructions. Steffy takes a pill as Liam watches, concerned.

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