B&B Short Recap – Monday, August 17, 2020

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Recap by Lori

Ridge is visiting Steffy at her house. Ridge tells Steffy that Shauna’s back in town and she came with incredible news. Ridge tells Steffy all that he can remember of his night in Vegas with Shauna. Ridge thought he returned home, ready to fix things with Brooke and commit to her, but then Shauna showed up and told him that she’s now his wife. There are a lot of things Ridge doesn’t remember, but he explains that there are photos, a wedding certificate, and a text message to Carter telling him to file the divorce papers. Ridge doesn’t understand how he could have lost control of himself and of the situation for everything to become such a mess. Steffy experiences some pain and Ridge asks why she’s not taking her pain meds. Steffy tells him she’s taking over-the-counter meds now but they’re not that strong. Although they both had been drinking, Ridge tells Steffy he doesn’t blame Shauna. Steffy tells him that Shauna married him because she obviously wants to be with him and she probably thought he wanted to be with her, too.

At the Forrester mansion, Shauna thanks Quinn for letting her spend the night. Shauna says she’s not jumping up for joy but she’s feeling more positive today and she thanks Quinn for that and for helping her see how much Ridge appreciates her. Waking up in the Forrester mansion as Ridge’s wife is Shauna’s dream come true. Quinn and Shauna recall their secret plan and Quinn reminds her that they must be able to keep their secret in order for them to keep their respective spouses. Shauna expresses how guilty she feels for her participation in the plan while Quinn talks about how the ends justify the means, that Ridge will be so much happier with Shauna. Meanwhile, over at Forrester Creations, Eric walks into Ridge’s office, expecting to see Ridge, but finds Brooke there instead. She’s avoiding Ridge. Brooke tells Eric she still can’t accept what happened. She tells Eric that Ridge has been calling and texting, trying to explain. Eric tries telling Brooke how shocked Ridge was to find out what happened and that he regrets it terribly. Eric assures Brooke that because they both still love each other, they will get through this. Eric thinks they need to work together to find a resolution. Quinn arrives at the office, where Brooke is now alone. Eric wanted her to come by and check in on Brooke. Brooke doesn’t buy that Quinn is there with good intentions. Brooke asks how Quinn’s friend could have convinced Ridge to file their divorce papers and marry her in Vegas. Quinn tells Brooke she’s not there to start an argument, and then tells Brooke why Shauna would make Ridge a better wife than she would, and that Brooke should let him go. Brooke is convinced that Quinn and Shauna can’t be trusted. Quinn rubs it in Brooke’s face that Ridge is moving on with Shauna and there’s nothing Brooke can do about it.

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