GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Valentin makes everyone vote on one more item. He wants to vote on CEO. Ned doubts that he can do that. Valentin looks at Lucy who would be the deciding vote. They leave. Brook Lynn tries to leave as well but Ned goes after her and screams about how she could do this to their family. He kicked her out of the house and slams the door on her face. Jason wakes up and tells Sam that she needs to get going before her parole officer finds out. Sam explains that she doesn’t have to worry about Deloris anymore as she got a new one. Jason wonders how. Sam admits to the deal she made with Valentin. Jason tells her that he doesn’t really care about ELQ one way or the other but that was his grandfathers legacy. Valentin finds Jax and Nina and informs them about ELQ. Nina is not thrilled.

Nina and Jax go through a jewelry expert that thinks she can track down the neckless. Nina admits that she is still disheartened by Nelle’s words. Jax tells her not to worry about Nelle. In court Nelle kicks Carly out of the courtroom in order to anger her. Willow goes to keep Carly company. Julian shows up but has to sit behind the line. The judge grants company to Michael only as he thinks that Nelle has shown that she really doesn’t have her child’s best interest at heart. Nelle informs Carly that this is all her fault. Carly has no idea how it is. Mike tells Sonny he wants to go home. Felix thinks he means back to Turning Woods. Sonny thinks that can be arranged. Michael and Willow show up to give them the good news.

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