GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Brook Lynn walks in on Ned and Olivia arguing about what is more important in their lives. ELQ or the family. Olivia storms off. Brook Lynn is sorry that she interrupted. Ned admits to her that one of the reasons that he and Lois didn’t work out was because of his devotion to ELQ. He honestly wished that there was something that he could do to get it off his hands. Valentin and Martin try to figure out how to secure more shares. Valentin thinks it will be through Sam. He knows that Michael owns the most shares through his own, Jason, AJ, and now proxy on Wiley’s. Valentin can get Sam what she wants in terms of her parole officer. Brook Lynn agrees with Valentin not to tell anyone about what he is doing with ELQ. Monica and Cyrus fight over the concept of a sale of the hospital to him. Laura hears this and goes to Ned and Olivia. Ned agrees to get ELQ involved. Jordan finds out about this and doesn’t want to tell Cyrus.

Carly finds Sonny and Jason at home in the kitchen. She asks how Mike is doing. Sonny admits that he is not doing well and goes to spend time with Donna. Jason explains to Carly that he has made her his power of attorney if anything were to happen with him. Carly agrees but thinks it should be Sam. Sam goes to see Alexis and reveals that she slapped Julian. Alexis cannot believe she would do that while under parole. The two discuss Neal but Alexis doesn’t want to get into that right now. Jason texts to meet Sam and she runs at the chance. Jason admits to her that he wants Carly to have power of attorney. Sonny has no choice but to put Mike on a feeding tube. Nelle goes off on Nina for lying to her. Nina thinks that she deserved it. Nelle thinks she has everything in her life only because she is spoiled and rich.

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