B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 3, 2019

Shauna: I don’t know what you’re getting at. And I don’t want to know, so just go.

Thomas: Whoa. Slow down. I have some questions about that night, too.

Shauna: Okay.

Thomas: Okay, so, you were sleeping right next to my dad all night.

Shauna: Yeah, I was, and it’s not what you think. I never crossed the line with your father.

Thomas: Crossed your mind, though, didn’t it? How could it not? I mean, he’s the one who sprung your daughter from jail. And now that Brooke knows that you spent the night–

Shauna: Wait, wait, wait. Brooke knows?

Thomas: And I’m guessing she’s not too happy about that.

Shauna: Guess not.

Thomas: Yeah, I can only see her and him going a few rounds about this till they finally break up.

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