Best Lines, Friday, September 13, 2019

Shauna: Let me get you a little bit more comfortable. – Okay. – Uh… I’ll take your shoes off. – Okay. Hi. Hey, how you doing? – Well, I’m just gonna take your pants off. …So you can be comfortable.

Ridge: I know. I’m okay.

Shauna: All right, but let me help you.

Ridge:  Hi, there. Ah, it’s no problem at all.

Shauna:  It’s just… – give me your belt. – Yeah.

Ridge:  I got– oh, God. Ohh. I’m just gonna lay down for a minute.

Shauna: All right. Lay down.

Ridge: Okay. I’m okay.

Shauna: All right. Well… shh, shh, shh. I know. You know what? I am gonna go downstairs and let you sleep this off, okay?

Ridge:  Okay. – All right. – You know what? You can’t–no, don’t go. No–I need you to stay now.

Shauna:  Okay. I’ll stay. – Okay. – You are an amazing man, Ridge Forrester. What you did for me and my daughter… because of your compassion and forgiveness. That’s something Brooke… wasn’t willing to do. And the way she spoke to me. You would never treat me like that.  Mm-mm. Mm.

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