B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ridge: Emma Barber’s death was an accident, detective.

Det. Sanchez: Well, as I explained, that’s why we’re taking another look at the case.

Ridge: Why is that, because some former employee made a baseless accusation against my son?

Det. Sanchez: It’s hardly baseless. Mr. Avant gave my office pertinent information. Now, if you have information that contradicts his story and clears Thomas then —

Ridge: He doesn’t need to be cleared! He’s not involved in this!

Det. Sanchez: Okay, I’d like to hear that from Thomas. But you said he’s not here, right?

Brooke: No. And he’s not answering his phone.

Det. Sanchez: Is that unusual? Mr. Forrester? Sir? Would you say that your son’s behavior is unusual?

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