B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hope: Our baby. This is our baby. I can’t believe it.

Liam: This is her. This is our Beth.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, she’s so beautiful.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: All those times I held her before…

Liam: She was yours. You just didn’t know it.

Hope: I feel like I’m meeting her for the first time.

Liam: Well, in a way, you’re — you’re being with her for the first time as her mother.

Hope: This is really her. This is really — this is our Beth. This is — this is the baby we thought we lost, and she — and she’s here in my arms right now.

Liam: It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Hope:  Oh, my gosh. Our daughter.  But, Liam… how? I mean, how — how did this happen? I need to know. I need you to tell me everything.

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