B&B Best Lines, Thursday, August 1, 2019

Flo: Before I say anything else, I-I want you to try to understand everything that I’ve gone through since I came to Los Angeles.

Wyatt: Well, yeah. You’ve had a lot of changes in your life.

Flo: Yeah. Yeah, a lot of — a lot of amazing changes. Like you.

Wyatt: Okay. But I — I sense a “but” coming on.

Flo: I did someone a favor. Someone who I thought was a friend. And I got wrapped up in something that I am… I am so ashamed of. But… If I hadn’t come to Los Angeles, I-I wouldn’t have reconnected with you. I wouldn’t have found out who my father was, that I’m a Logan. I-I wouldn’t have this amazing family. I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t have this job at Forrester. I wouldn’t be living in this house with this… wonderful man that i never stopped loving.

Wyatt: I-I know. I love you, too. But I’ve — I’ve known that something has been up for a few days now. And whatever it is, we will get through it. Okay? You just — you just have to be honest with me, all right? Don’t — don’t hold back.

Flo: You deserve the truth. Everyone does. I need to come clean.

Wyatt: Right. Uh, about Thomas?

Flo: And your brother. And Hope.

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