B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Brooke: You don’t. You don’t have to be married to Thomas.

Hope: I already am.

Brooke: You can get an annulment. If that is what you want, I can call Carter and he can draw up the papers the first thing in the morning.

Hope: I am not going to do that.

Brooke: You do not have to stay in a loveless marriage. You can still be there as a maternal figure to Douglas but you do not have to be his mother.

Hope: But Douglas isn’t the only reason I said “I do.” You saw today how Phoebe crawled up to me today and called me mama.

Brooke: Yes, and I know that was very difficult for you.

Hope: It was. All I wanted to do is reach out and pick her up and hold her like she was my own daughter, but I can’t. Because that is not fair to Steffy and frankly not fair to me.

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