B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hope: Hey. Where’s Douglas?

Thomas: Hey. You, uh — you caught me. Heh, I was, uh — I was just checking under the bed, making sure there were no monsters.

Hope: That’s not funny. Don’t joke about that. He was really upset last night, thinking he saw a ghost.

Thomas: I know. I felt terrible that I didn’t hear him screaming. But you were there. You made all the difference.

Hope: He just wanted his mommy to hold him.

Thomas: And you did. You held him. You know, you chased away the nightmares.

Hope: Thomas, Caroline is always going to be Douglas’ real mother.

Thomas: Of course. Of course Caroline will always be his mother. But… he’s gone without a mother for what feels like so long, you know? But you’re gonna change that. I was up all night thinking about it. You know, I-I was thinking about us. Thinking about you. Our wedding. I was also thinking maybe i should ask Brooke and my dad if we can just have the celebration here at the house. It’s Douglas’ family home now. I think he’d like it.

Hope: So do I.

Thomas: Yeah?

Hope: It’s a wonderful idea.

Thomas: Got another idea, too. I was thinking, um… well, we could make it special for Douglas, but not just him, but for his cousins, too. You know, uh, make the kids really happy. Have some balloons and some stuffed animals. A whole family celebration.

Hope: I like it. Yeah. I-I — I think it’s nice. I think we should include the kids as much as possible.

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