B&B Best Lines, Friday, July 26, 2019

Douglas: Beth is alive. Beth is alive. Beth is alive.

Thomas: How are you doing, Sport?

Douglas: Okay.

Thomas: And I got a little heated before and I am sorry about that.

Douglas: You got mad at me.

Thomas: Well I did not mean to come down on you so hard. It’s just that you cannot tell what you think you heard. Not to anyone.

Douglas: Baby Beth is alive?

Thomas: Yes. You cannot say that. Those words can never come out of your mouth again. Look, I have worked very hard to make a life for the both of us with Hope. And you should be grateful for that and not standing there defying me. You love Hope, don’t you?

Douglas: But I miss mommy.

Thomas: Mommy is gone. She is never coming back. Hope is your new mommy. She’s my wife and your new mommy. And if you ever repeat what you think you heard…..

Douglas: But I did hear it. You said Phoebe was Beth. Beth is alive.


Thomas: Hey, so, how’s it going?

Liam: Dude, why are you asking me that?

Thomas: I just know it must be hard for you, you know sitting there and watching me and Hope get married. She looked beautiful didn’t she?

Liam: I swear to God if you hurt Hope…..

Thomas: Just the opposite. Actually I have a night planned that hopefully will leave her breathless.

Liam: You are disgusting.


Liam: You really love Phoebe, don’t you?

Hope: I do, there is something about her that gets to me. It’s been that way since I first laid eyes on her.

Liam: Yeah me too. She’s something special. …..so you actually did it. You actually married that guy.

Hope: You know why.

Liam: I don’t care. I don’t want to picture you alone with him tonight or any other night. Thomas is not a good person, okay? Good people do not use their children as a battering ram against grieving mothers.

Hope: Liam, I know what I am doing?

Liam: Oh, do you, really?

Hope: I can’t keep being drawn to Steffy’s child the way I have been. That is why I married Thomas so I could focus on Douglas and be the mother I need to be to him. The mother I thought I was going to be to Beth because that is all I can do. Our daughter, our Beth is gone.

Douglas: No, she isn’t.

Hope: What did you say?

Douglas: Baby Beth is not gone.

Hope: Douglas, sweetie, what are you saying?

Douglas: She is alive. Baby Beth is alive.







B&B Best Lines, Thursday, July 25, 2019, 2019

Thomas: Good morning, Mrs. Forrester.

Hope: Good morning, sleep well?

Thomas: Possibly, although something was missing.

Hope: It took a while for me to go to sleep with all the excitement.

Thomas: You should have knocked on my door. So what was it, good dreams, bad dreams?

Hope: I don’t really remember.

Thomas: And I don’t believe that.

Hope: Well, Douglas is probably finished with his breakfast by now.

Thomas: Isn’t Brooke down there?……..this is what I dreamed about.

Hope: Thomas, the door is open. Anyone could walk in.

Thomas: I know. We are married. We aren’t doing anything wrong. …..okay, I get it. We are in your mother’s house and our son is right down the hall. Not the best setting for newlyweds……which is why I booked us a little staycation honeymoon tonight just the two of us. Well we couldn’t go to Fiji or France so I booked us a nice hotel room.

Hope: Well, is Douglas coming?

Thomas: That would kind of defeat the purpose.

Hope: What is the purpose?

Thomas: Seriously Hope? We got married so quickly we did not have time for a real honeymoon.

Hope: Well did you ask Ridge and Brooke if they can take care of Douglas tonight or did you just assume they would?

Thomas: I’ll make arrangements for Douglas.

Hope: Don’t you think this is something you should have talked to your wife about first?

Thomas: So I have to ask my wife’s permission first to surprise her? I don’t think so.

Hope: We’ll see.

Thomas: What do you mean we’ll see?

Hope: Well right now I have to go to work.

Thomas: Okay. Okay a half day is fine but after that you are with me. It will be a lot of fun…..room service, a little champagne and a long, fun night.

Hope: Okay, I guess you have to figure out a plan for Douglas and then we will see. You can text me. Okay?






B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Brooke: You don’t. You don’t have to be married to Thomas.

Hope: I already am.

Brooke: You can get an annulment. If that is what you want, I can call Carter and he can draw up the papers the first thing in the morning.

Hope: I am not going to do that.

Brooke: You do not have to stay in a loveless marriage. You can still be there as a maternal figure to Douglas but you do not have to be his mother.

Hope: But Douglas isn’t the only reason I said “I do.” You saw today how Phoebe crawled up to me today and called me mama.

Brooke: Yes, and I know that was very difficult for you.

Hope: It was. All I wanted to do is reach out and pick her up and hold her like she was my own daughter, but I can’t. Because that is not fair to Steffy and frankly not fair to me.

B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wyatt: Thomas and Flo are keeping a secret about Hope?

Liam: I mean, I don’t know, but I’m damn well gonna find out.

Wyatt: Well, what else did you hear?

Liam: Uh, well, for starters, Thomas was threatening your girlfriend.

Wyatt: What?

Liam: Yeah, I kind of get the feeling those two are not exactly buddy-buddy.

Wyatt: I mean… I didn’t know that Flo knew thomas that well. Like, I know they work at Forrester and everything together, but…

Liam: Okay, I can tell you this much. Flo called him a liar.

Wyatt: Seriously? She said that?

Liam: Yeah, she actually used the word “liar,” and then Thomas got all upset, and he was like, “you need to go back to Vegas!” I think he’s just trying to stop her from letting whatever this secret is slip.

Wyatt: Okay, wait, I — I knew that she was going to the wedding today, but —

Liam: She didn’t, not really. I mean, she — she missed the ceremony, she showed up late. She was all, like, upset and super affected and…

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: Listen. You know Flo, okay? You have known her. If anybody has a chance of getting her to open up, it’s gonna be you, and I just — I need you to do this for me. I need you to find out what she and Thomas are keeping from Hope.

B&B Best Lines, Monday, July 22, 2019

Zoe: You need to drink some water.

Flo: A lot of mistakes have been made along the way, but this — this wedding doesn’t have to be one of them.

Zoe: I’m not convinced that their marriage would be a mistake.

Flo: Thomas is saying vows to Hope that he’s gonna love her for the rest of his life when he knows this — this secret, and he’s keeping it from her. Hope deserves to know what kind of man he really is. And if I have to go to jail for it… so be it.

Zoe: You’re not going over there. Flo, please! Flo!

B&B Best Lines, Friday, July 19, 2019

Thomas: Maybe we can get everyone in their seats, you know that may help move things along.

Ridge: Sure.

Liam: What’s the rush? I mean if she is not ready, she is not ready.

Thomas: I’m pretty sure it is Hope’s mom that is holding things up. Thanks.

Ridge: They’ll both be here soon.

Liam: I mean unless Hope has a moment of clarity and the wedding doesn’t happen.



B&B Best Lines, Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ridge: How are you really feeling?

Thomas: Honestly? I feel like I could use a little more support.

Ridge: I got all dressed up. I don’t know what else I can do.

Thomas: No. You’re great. You’re great. Uh, you know, but, obviously, Liam and, um, you know, I could use some more from — from Brooke.

Ridge: They’re just being protective.

Thomas: Yeah, well, Hope’s a grown woman. She’s made her choice, and, look, I can take care of Liam, but you got to talk to Brooke. She already broke up you and mom. What is she gonna do? Is she gonna break up Hope and me? She needs to stop.

B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, July 18, 2019

Brooke: So, you want me to call my dad or Bridget?

Ridge: I don’t want you to call anybody. I don’t want you to be a wedding coordinator for a wedding you don’t believe in. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Brooke: Sorry.

Ridge: You’re not sorry. What are we doing here? What is this? Let’s be honest with each other. What do you want?

Brooke: I want to be happy for you and your son.

Ridge: What about being happy for Hope? You want that? She doesn’t want to be with Liam anymore.

Brooke: You can trace that back to her losing her baby.

Ridge: I don’t care where you trace it back to, honey. This is where we are. She said yes to Thomas.

Brooke: No. No. She said yes to Douglas. That’s the person that she has feelings for, not Thomas. And I don’t know why that doesn’t concern you.

Ridge:  You know what concerns me? Is that you think there’s something wrong with my son.

B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hope: Hey. Where’s Douglas?

Thomas: Hey. You, uh — you caught me. Heh, I was, uh — I was just checking under the bed, making sure there were no monsters.

Hope: That’s not funny. Don’t joke about that. He was really upset last night, thinking he saw a ghost.

Thomas: I know. I felt terrible that I didn’t hear him screaming. But you were there. You made all the difference.

Hope: He just wanted his mommy to hold him.

Thomas: And you did. You held him. You know, you chased away the nightmares.

Hope: Thomas, Caroline is always going to be Douglas’ real mother.

Thomas: Of course. Of course Caroline will always be his mother. But… he’s gone without a mother for what feels like so long, you know? But you’re gonna change that. I was up all night thinking about it. You know, I-I was thinking about us. Thinking about you. Our wedding. I was also thinking maybe i should ask Brooke and my dad if we can just have the celebration here at the house. It’s Douglas’ family home now. I think he’d like it.

Hope: So do I.

Thomas: Yeah?

Hope: It’s a wonderful idea.

Thomas: Got another idea, too. I was thinking, um… well, we could make it special for Douglas, but not just him, but for his cousins, too. You know, uh, make the kids really happy. Have some balloons and some stuffed animals. A whole family celebration.

Hope: I like it. Yeah. I-I — I think it’s nice. I think we should include the kids as much as possible.

B&B Best Lines, Monday, July 15, 2019

Ridge: Don’t go all the way back down there. We’re up here, it’s cozy. We’re in our own little place.

Brooke: Well, I — I left my charger downstairs.

Ridge: If you play your cards right, I will let you use mine.

Brooke: Oh? Sharing your charger — now that’s true love.

Ridge: Only for you.

Brooke: Mm, yeah? Thank you. That’s very sweet.

B&B Best Lines, Friday, July 12, 2019

Sally: See we have a little dinner date happening.

Flo: Yeah. I didn’t know that you were still in the office.

Sally: Well, I’m pretty much always here. No one to go home to except for my house plants, so, you know… cool! Well, in other news, I’m super-excited this isn’t awkward or anything.  Well, I was just chatting with the payroll department about you, and it seems as though yours got returned. Something about the wrong address.

Flo: Oh. Yeah. You know, I was, um — I was still looking at the apartment when I was hired here, so I just guess I never updated that.

Sally: Hmm. Seems you’ve been moving around a lot lately, I hear. Well, you might want to, you know, sashay on down to payroll before Jenn leaves.

Flo: Right. I won’t be long. I’ll be right back.

Sally: Don’t worry. I will keep him company. You go sashay, and we will stay. You know what? This actually smells really good. I might take you up on your offer. Oh! Um, actually, Flo, can you stop by graphics on the way back? I just want to see if those charts are ready for my design meeting with Hope tomorrow.

Flo: Sure.

Sally: What?

Wyatt: You sure you don’t want to call out to Flo, maybe another errand, possibly something across town this time?

Sally: Can you blame a girl for wanting a moment alone with the one who got away?

Wyatt: Uh, please tell me you’re not taking this out on Flo.

Sally: Taking what out?

Wyatt: You being angry about our breakup.

Sally: Okay. Look, I’m sure Flo would’ve told you if I was ever out of line. She must tell you about her day at the office, you know, when you guys are…cuddled on the couch, drinking wine.

Wyatt: Sally, come on.

Sally: Mm. Who says I’m angry, anyway?

Wyatt: Sally, it’s okay if you’re angry or if you’re sad. I get it, okay? I am, too. I mean, we were — we were good together.

Sally: Yeah, till I let you down.

Wyatt: You were keeping an important secret from me.

Sally: Everyone has secrets, Wyatt. Even high school sweethearts, I’m guessing.

Wyatt: Yeah, no doubt, but this had to do with my family.

Sally: Something I will always regret. I will always regret allowing Thomas to come between us.


B&B Best Lines, Thursday, July 11, 2019

Zoe and Xander on The Bold and The Beautiful 7/11/19

Thomas: Xander wants to tell Hope and Liam about Beth, just let him.

Zoe: No! Xander, you can’t.

Xander: It’s the right thing, Zoe.

Thomas: Yeah. Poor Xander, he just can’t live with himself. The secret’s killing him. Isn’t that right? You just can’t do it. Then don’t. Yeah. Go to Hope. Go to the police. Be a hero. Clear your conscience. Okay, but make sure to tell her goodbye before you leave. Because her and her father, they’re gonna spend 10 to 20 years behind bars. Oh, and you and Flo? You’re gonna be in prison, too. Now, you say you don’t care about that. But I’m betting you do.

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B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Liam and Hope on The Bold and The Beautiful 7/10/19

Liam: This is not what you wanted, Hope.

Hope: I can’t have what I want.

Liam: If you still wanted a husband, you’d have one. Don’t marry Thomas.

Hope: Well, a date hasn’t been set yet.

Liam: Don’t kid yourself. He’s not gonna give you enough time to think about what you’re doing, if he can help it. Why the rush to propose? He knows you and I are still adjusting to being apart.

Hope: Well, you seem to be adjusting just fine.: And maybe I need that, too.

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B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Xander and Zoe on The Bold and The Beautiful 7/8/19

Xander: Thomas has moved beyond dangerous. He’s a killer.

Zoe: No.

Xander: Look, I know that you don’t want to believe it, but it’s true.

Zoe: We don’t know that. We weren’t there.

Xander: I have proof. Thomas killed Emma, and there’s no pretending he didn’t.

Xander: When I think about what Thomas did to Emma, how terrified she must have been… you know how dark it can get on Mulholland at night. It’s hard enough to drive even when you don’t have a madman trying to run you off the road. And for what? Because Thomas wants to be with Hope, and he saw Emma as an obstacle.

Zoe: No. No. I mean, yeah, he can be a little weird when it comes to Hope, and he’s a bit obsessive, but he wouldn’t murder in her name.

Xander: Stop kidding yourself, Zoe. That’s exactly what he did.

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B&B Best Lines, Monday, July 8, 2019

Thomas and Hope on The Bold and The Beautiful 7/8/19

Thomas: One word, and you’ll make my son the happiest boy in the world. One word, and we can be a family. Say yes, Hope. Say yes to an incredible life for the three of us. Okay. Look, I-if you’re hesitating because Douglas proposed and not me, Hope, you — you have to know how much I want this, too.

Hope: No, I do. You’ve made your intentions very clear.

Thomas: And now, so has my son. He loves you. He wants you to be his mother. You brought so much joy and peace into his life. Let us do the same for you. I’m — I’m dying to make a life with you, Hope.

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B&B Best Lines, Friday, July 5, 2019

Zoe and Xander The Bold and The Beautiful 7/5/19

Xander: Thomas has to be responsible for Emma’s death.

Zoe:  We have no way of knowing that.

Xander: He’s the reason she crashed that car, I know it.

Zoe:  Xander, please. You have to calm down.  You said we did not have to talk about this tonight. Just one night we don’t have to think about it. Just one night.

Xander:  I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about what we have done. It’s been just one lie after another. Emma is gone and Thomas is just continuing his life like nothing happened. And don’t tell me that he wasn’t involved as Pam heard him arguing that night…….. He’s a liar. I’m telling you Thomas Forrester is a murderer.

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B&B Best Lines, Thursday, July 4, 2019

Douglas and Thomas The Bold and The Beautiful 7/4/19

Thomas: Now, we can come back to this later. We have to finish getting ready. Remember? We’re heading over to Hope’s cabin to watch the fireworks.

Douglas: Will there be ice cream? Mommy liked ice cream with fireworks.

Thomas: Yeah, I bet Hope does, too. And you want her to be your new mommy, right? You love her, like we talked about?

Douglas: You’re getting married.

Thomas: Well, I have to ask her first, but yes. And then she’ll be your mommy. And we’ll be a family. And that sounds good to you, right? That’s what you want? Do you want to try saying it? Do you want to try saying, um… you want Hope to be your mommy?

Douglas: I want Hope —

Thomas: Oh, no, no, no. Look, well, say it like you’re talking to her, okay? So, like, “Hope, I want you to be my mommy!”

Douglas: Hope, I want you to be my mommy!

Thomas: That’s right! Exactly. You know what, Hope is really sad right now, okay? So we need to give her something. She needs to know how much we love her and how much we need her.

Douglas: The ring!

Thomas: Yeah! Smart boy. That’s exactly right. And, you know what, this ring — this ring has special powers. It’s magic. If she puts it on her finger, then everything is perfect.

Douglas: Are you gonna give it to her tonight?

Thomas: Well, I had a — a different idea.

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B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, July 3, 019

Liam and Hope The Bold and The Beautiful 7/3/19

Liam: I’m not leaving you like this.

Hope: Like what? I’m fine. This is what I wanted.

Liam:  It’s what you say you want. It’s what you’re trying to want. That doesn’t mean I believe it.

Hope: What, that I want you to be with the mother of your children? Believe it, it’s true. Do I wish it were me? Yes, but some things aren’t meant to be.

Liam:  I — I mean, I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t have told you.

Hope: Oh, no, no. I am glad I know you slept with Steffy because it shows me that we’re doing the right thing. Yeah, you took the first step towards your new life last night… and I need to do the same. So you should go. Go. Be with Steffy. Be with her.

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B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Brooke and Hope The Bold and The Beautiful 7/2/19

Brooke: I thought you would be joining us for breakfast. I guess you over-slept.

Hope: Just felt like some quiet time.

Brooke: Well, that’s allowed. Did you have fun over at Steffy’s?

Hope: Sure. Yeah. It was nice.

Brooke: How does Liam seem to be getting along?

Hope: There wasn’t really much of a chance for a private conversation, but Douglas seemed to have a good time, and it was nice to Kelly and Phoebe, even if I embarrassed myself.

Brooke:  I’m sure not.

Hope: Mom… I called Phoebe “Beth.”

Brooke: Okay, well… that could happen.

Hope: I don’t know, I guess when I hold her, when I look at her, a part of me will always think, this is how old Beth would have been right now. This might be what her eyes look like.

Brooke: I imagine that occurs to Liam, also.

Hope: I’m not sure about that.

Brooke: It’s only natural, honey.

Hope: No, he’s different now. He has another home. Another life.

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B&B Best Lines, Monday, July 1, 2019

Flo and Wyatt The Bold and The Beautiful 7/10/19

Flo: I’m gonna kind of miss having my mom around.

Wyatt: Yeah, but it was kind of abrupt, though, right? Like, the last thing I expected was your mom wanting to go back to Vegas so quickly.

Flo: Maybe you forget how impulsive she can be sometimes.

Wyatt: Yeah, and I’m sure my mom is bummed that her bff is leaving so soon after finding her again. I thought — I thought Shauna loved living large at the Forrester estate.

Flo: She did, but, you know, she, uh — she has her reasons.

Wyatt: Yeah? Like what? Um… is there something going on between you and Shauna that I don’t know about?

Flo: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. No. She just, um — she just wants to give me space to live my new life in this new city and not really, you know, dwell on the past. Plus, you know, even though she loved living with Quinn and Eric and had an amazing time, she — she missed Vegas a little bit. It’s home, you know?

Wyatt: No, I-I get that. But I’m just — I mean, I guess I’m just wondering if it’s a “like mother, like daughter” thing.

Flo: Oh. Yeah. Since you just asked me to move in, right?

Wyatt:  Yeah.

Flo: Well, I don’t, um… I don’t think so.

Wyatt: Don’t. Don’t you dare.

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