B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Flo on The Bold and The Beautiful 6/11/19

Flo: I’m sorry. Okay? I’m so sorry. I never imagined that, when Reese called and asked for my help, that it would — it would turn into all of this.

Thomas: The man stole a baby, flo. He passed her off as yours.

Flo: He was being threatened. He was — they — they were threatening to hurt his daughter.

Thomas: ‘Cause he owed them money. Gambling debts.

Flo: I never should have let him manipulate me. But he was — he was a friend, and I didn’t think that he would —

Thomas: “Friend”? You call someone who’d do that a friend? He put a stillborn infant in her arms. He had her believe it was hers. When, all along, Beth was alive, and soon to be adopted by my sister. Steffy is raising Hope and  Liam’s daughter.

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